Spatial Tales of Unearthly Critters


Spatial Tales of Unearthly Critters assembles research-led design projects by students from the Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design (MIARD). Produced in a the-
matic design studio led by Cookies, each project responds to the potential for monstrosity to become a critical framework for spatial practice by disengaging dominant design
standards and modes of thinking. The characters and their stories are rooted in factual issues that use fiction as a space for imagination and collaborative world-building.

My role was the art direction of the publication and the editorial design. For this book, I find inspiration in the heteroclite results of various Chimeras. Exploring the unexpected energy derived from the content, I aim to use unusual material combinations to weave a narrative that challenges conventional notions of beauty and ugliness. My goal was to infuse an element of surprise, inviting readers to witness the unconventional and reinterpret established codes.


109 pages. Printed in Riso.

Editorial Team

  • Editors - Mila Broomberg Nicole Jessé
  • Production - Anna Krikke
  • Proofreader - Chloe Latour
  • Studio Tutors Cookies - Alice Grégoire, Federico Martelli, Clément Périssé
  • Authors & Designers - Silvia Bianchini, Mila Broomberg, Josephine Goverts, Nicole Jessé, Sungryul Jun, Anna Krikke, Artemis Mitsiou, Julia Woch, Anna Maria Zuech