Pica - La Forme


The Pica magazine is a visual communication tool focused on design and its related disciplines. Pica aims to expand its presence in the Montreal, national, and international scenes. Prioritizing an innovative and experimental approach, Pica primarily serves as a reference tool and a source of inspiration in the realm of design. Pica stands out from other publications available in the market due to its completely original and exclusive content. For this issue, we chose to explore the theme of form, a more complex subject than it initially appears. This word, seemingly simple at first glance, unfolds into a multitude of meanings. At its core, form is directly linked to the essence of everything. It's a subject of fascination across various domains, but it gains significant relevance in design, a discipline that intertwines aesthetics and function.

Each issue features a different theme, and this 8th edition was centered around 'The Form'


80 pages. Printed in Indigo.

Made in collaboration with

  • Camille Begin
  • Camille Ouellet Morrisette
  • Jérémy Fréchette
  • Noé St-Onge
  • -
  • Photography - Adrian Villagomez
  • Photography - Isabelle Junge