Logan Petit Lot


Logan Petit Lot seeks to innovate the nut butter industry, prioritizing change after a century of unchanged methods. With a focus on honest nut sourcing and small-batch production, they aim for exceptional taste, health, and ethical practices.

For the creation of the packaging and visual identity, I was inspired by their commitment to sustainable small-batch production without compromising quality, while crafting unique nut butter flavors. I aimed to reflect this dedication by creating a simple, flexible system while also adding a touch of fun and yumminess to complement their original flavors.


Made at Tux Creative House

Team on the project

  • Creative Director - Charlene Sepentzis
  • Client Partner - Valérie Patenaude
  • Motion designer - David Duchesne
  • Graphic Production - Tanya Machado & Mateusz Markiewicz
  • -
  • Photography - Gerardo Alcaine
  • Set Designer - Jeremy Noel
  • Director of Production - Christina Meunier
  • Production Coordonator - Geneviève Leblanc
  • Set Assistant - Reatchy Legros