Accueil Bonneau has been helping Montreal’s homeless for the past 142 years. And what they do the most is listen, so for the organization’s 2020 campaign, the team decided to do the same. No script, no actors, we just sat and met with those who need Accueil Bonneau’s help, collecting on our way incredibly wise, powerful, and humane quotes. Then an Instagram platform was created dedicated to these quotes, photo and video portraits, and also a print publication.

My role in the project was to produce a printed publication documenting the stories that were told.


Made at Tux Creative House

Team on the project

  • Creative Director - Joshua Lessard
  • Art Director - Thierry Joannette-Langevin
  • Web design - Anjela Freya
  • Photography - Lian Benoit, Es Kay, Gaëlle Leroyer
  • Production team - Caroline Grutman, Olivia Lagacé
  • Client Partner - Camille Reed, Catherine Cloutier
  • Strategy - Sarah Patier
  • Graphic Production - Mateusz Markiewicz