Fleurs Sauvages


Fleurs sauvages is both an open-air exhibition and a greening initiative offered by the SDC du Village in order to revive its main arteries, once among the liveliest in the city. A wandering path allows visitors to discover scenes and carefully selected vegetation. The route is embellished with artistic discoveries of all kinds specifically created for and by the community.

Inspired by the village and its community, we created a few sentences of radical gentleness, without judgement, that put forward the beauty of love and of all human beings. Postcards and stickers were randomly scattered around the village in order to make anyone who discovers these different acts of love smile. Scenes, bins, sidewalks, and the facades of various businesses were also used as canvas to spread our messages of love and inclusion. The artery was transformed, for one summer, into a pathway giving us the right to simply love.


Made at Tux Creative House

Team on the project

  • Creative Director - Simon Chenier and Charlene Septensiz
  • Client Partner - Charlotte Bergeron
  • Illustrations - Alice Picard and Aless M.C
  • Motion Design - Charles Desmarais
  • Copywriter - Joshua Lessard
  • Strategy - Melissa Tucker-Gagné
  • Graphic Production - Mateusz Markiewicz