Joanie is a designer and art director from Montreal who creates for positive change and takes a meaningful stand by instilling awareness through her work. Open-minded, she always gives herself the opportunity to collaborate with others because she believes that design is powerful when ideas are united. Her intention is to continue to challenge trends and limits of design through craftsmanship while ensuring that each idea tells a purposeful story. Her approach is often editorial, colorful, and artistic. She also co-founded Echelles, an editorial collective born out of the desire to create an accessible platform for all, and develops publications whose goal is to observe, understand, and make the general public aware of the social issues that design raises.


  • Branding 360º
  • Bespoke Identity
  • Editorial Design
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Print Design
  • Type & Lettering

Books on the Shelf

  • Just Kids - Patti Smith
  • The Artist Way - Julie Cameron
  • A New Earth - Eckart Tolle
  • Reaching Beyond -
Daisaku Ikeda
  • Shoplifter - Actual Source
  • Be Here Now - Ram Dass
  • Caps Lock - Ruben Pater


  • Charlene Sepentzis (Creative Director)
  • Lian Benoit (Photographer)
  • Vincent Castonguay (Photographer)
  • Aless M.c (Illustrator)
  • Charles Desmarais (Motion Designer & 3D Artist)
  • Jean-Michel Simard (3D Artist)
  • Felix Arsenault (Motion Designer)
  • Michael Garcia (Creative Web Developer)
  • Eve Laliberté (Content Strategist & Creative Producer)
  • Mateusz Markiewicz (Graphic Production)

I am first and foremost a book reader who has developed a passion for story-telling, editorial design
& typographies

I am dedicated to an artistic approach in my work, always trying to explore different paths. I put my heart
and soul into everything I do.
The result is always unique,
 thoughtful, and timeless.

I am always open to create time and space to collaborate with foundations and non-profit organizations ✱