LibraryLab is focused on strengthening the bond between people & place. Born from a founding partnership with Westbank, LibraryLab exists to drive meaningful community investment and storytelling in support of our shared mission to build more beautiful and equitable cities.

My mandate was to create the core visual identity and an awareness campaign for the brand's launch. I wanted to create an energetic platform and a solid logo that infused a feeling of connection and a special emphasis on the "learning" aspect of the foundation. We have created many connection devices that represent the link between people and place while a friendly, non­gendered character is added to help navigate the information.



Made in collaboration with J.Johnson

  • Strategy & Copywriting - Sydney Allen-Ash
  • Motion Design - Charles Desmarais
  • Illustrations - Felipe Arriagada
  • Website - 56 inc
  • -
  • Movie by Amanda Ann-Min Wong
  • Project Photography - Vincent Castonguay