Échelles 02 - Spolia


Échelles is an editorial collective born out of the desire to create a platform accessible to all. With a multidisciplinary vision in mind, it aims to share and to reflect on our spatial and material culture. It constitutes something as diverse as the scales of environmental design, the discipline at the genesis of the project.

This second edition of Échelles is a critical exploration of the phenomenon of Spolia, which implicates material interventions as well as immaterial manifestations. It is also — and perhaps primarily — an invitation to step back and address design with humanist priorities. How can we maintain human beings as centrally located within discussions and preoccupations concerning the built environment ?


192 pages. Printed Offset.

Made in collaboration with Camille Ouellet Morrisette & Virginie Jamieson

  • Editorial team - Léa Cadieux, Clara LeTourneux, Marion Henry, Mila Broomberg, Paloma Castonguay-Rufino, Hugues Lefebvre Morasse
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  • Photography - Francois Ollivier