Échelles 03 - Icone


Échelles is an editorial collective born out of the desire to create a platform accessible to all. With a multidisciplinary vision in mind, it aims to share and to reflect on our spatial and material culture. It constitutes something as diverse as the scales of environmental design, the discipline at the genesis of the project.

The third and final issue of Échelles offers its perspective on the evolution of the icon through the key concepts that have contributed to its advancement in history, with the aim of better understanding its development and the significance of its omnipresence in our daily lives.


132 pages. Printed in Offset

Editorial Team

  • Léa Cadieux
  • Chloë Augat
  • Laurence Boire
  • Fayza Mazouz
  • Maude Marcotte
  • -
  • Photography - Xavier Cyr